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Lighting up New Zealand with disco funk and deep house, electronic producer La Felix delivers his first release of the year, “Drama” featuring female vocalist KOLE. Outlined with optimism, this bouncy single is easy to embrace with its palpable energy. Textured with funk and future bass, “Drama” is a plentiful single, carefully layered with vibrantly colored sounds. La Felix and KOLE boast a fantastic sense of synchronicity breathing life into each others artistic strengths, making “Drama” an easy listen from its inception. Let your hair down and glow with La Felix. Listen to “Drama” on your preferred streaming platform here.



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Making a bold statement in the land down under, Sydney’s own Mickey Kojak returns boasting the infinite wonders of psychedelics with “All That Acid.” This nu-disco, Aussie riot is saturated with an unforgiving charisma, breathing life into the most unsuspecting elements of music production. Blending indie electronic cadences with dance floor ready bangers, Mickey Kojak is a testament to radical creativity. “All That Acid” is an eccentric joint, defined by a controlled chaos swathed in deviating electric frequencies. Its lawless nature is tempting, awakening the rebel within. More Fear and Loathing than it is Alice in Wonderland, this far out framework of digital proficiency is a trip in and of itself. Crack your spine and trip out with Mickey Kojak- NOW!



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Proving to be much more than a duo with an enticing name, Sydney, Australia-based Midnight Pool Party unveils "Signals," a smooth and groovy piece with electrifying spaces. Firm believers in the power of nu-disco, the twosome serves to keep the pioneering genre alive and respected. "Signals" is a cosmic explosion of chill vibes- hold the inevitable chaos resulting from explosions. Midnight Pool Party is making live-electronic music the norm by combining the sounds of digital production with guitar, bass, keys, and in-house vocals. "Signals" was born from delicate frequencies, swept through a filter of jazz and coffee-house intricacies, giving new meaning to modern day groove. 

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Diplo's label, Mad Decent, is more than boat bangers and block parties. The label extends its search for talent all over the world. One Mad Decent DJ/producer, Big Fish, who has gone platinum 6 times, basically runs the entire Urban-Italian hip-hop and dance scene. This acclaimed, demanding producer just dropped a collaborative track, "Bullet In The Air" with David Blank showcasing his captivating vocals. The song takes off with a simple, rolling beat, giving attention to Blank's modern soul lyricism, warming you up for the eclectic masterpiece that it is. While the intro is slow, comparative to the entirety of the track, the first build up is rapid, only to premiere a drop that actually rises with vibrant confidence. It's like old-school soul had baby with modern disco and then told its girlfriend to get lost. Big Fish continues to prove himself as a pioneer not only with this track, but his entire career. See it for yourself via Soundcloud and Spotify.


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Elohim seems to be the hot ticket right now. If you haven't heard her new tune with our homies Louis the Child "Love is Alive" you gotta get on dat. She's got this other ya knoww freaking charming original "Hallucinating" that's been on repeat in my headphones recently, and I was super stoked when Christofi sent over his version. If you're not too familiar with Christofi yet, you should start to get acquainted. He's steadily building a great catalogue of tunes that are legitimately unique from track to track. His recent "Temptation (feat. Ayer)" was a total feel good jam in much the same way as his version of "Hallucinating." I didn't think it was possible to make Elohim's original more upbeat and fun, but Christofi has found that lightning in a bottle. Pretty much all of Christofi's catalogue is great so I recommend checking all his tunes out on Spotify here. You can also download this remix for free here.



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I'm a little late getting to talking about this record, but Gigamesh is definitely one of my absolute faves, and this tune also features miss Kaleena Zanders who's recently become a friend and I just love her and her sumptuous vocals. "Synchronize" is one of the new tracks that recently debuted with the release of his full length LP 'Time Travels' last Friday showcasing hits like "The Music," "History feat. Damon Scott" and "I'd Do It Again" featuring fire vocalist Gavin Turek. "Synchronize" is another perfect example of Gigamesh's nu-disco inspired house that will have you tapping your toes from the second you hit play. The high hat work dazzles, the synths bob and weave, the piano hits with energy and Kaleena's vocals are soulful with oh so much yummy disco flare. I highly recommend giving the whole LP a spin. You can stream/download the LP on your favorite retailer here. You can also catch him live on tour with STRFKR across the US. Tour info available here

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Gotta give a little shout-out to MOONZz who had her EP release show last night and it was sickkk. She's got a bright future ahead can't wait to see her ascent. While I was there I happened to run into Jacob and Cole from Opia and we ended up chatting for a minute. This remix from Christofi was already in my queue for a review, but it's weird how life sends you coincidences sometimes! So now I'm even more excited to support this cut which is already climbing its way up the Hype Machine chart. "Shadow Dances" is already a fire hit check out our review of the original here, but Christofi has added a real touch of brilliance to the tune, spicing it up and making it into even more of a dance floor ready jam. With smatterings of guitar, pumping synths, a deep kick and groovy bass all coming together below Opia's soulful falsetto vocals, what more could you want in a disco, electro pop gem! Christofi has been throwin flame recently and we fully expect this heat streak to continue. You can download this fo FREE right here



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Well we've seen Mahalo making big strides in the last year, grinding putting out a lot of tracks, really finding the flavor of his nu-disco influenced house. Happy to say we've been on this train since the first stop. Today I have the pleasure of premiering Mahalo's latest "Catch My Eye." The track has bits of tropical themed influences, but with a distinctly nu-disco flare. It's repping flanging guitar, 80's-esque breaks, pads and drumming all wrapped up with the soulful vocals that totally caught our ears. "Catch My Eye" comes as the second single off of his 'Heartbeat EP' courtesy of the UK's Sleazy Deep label. The EP features another amazing single "Heartbeat" I had to throw in to this post as well, along with Rob Made's sexy remix of "Heartbeat" and Mutiny UK's Bongoloid Dub rework of "Catch My Eye." Mahalo also just released an incredible video for Heartbeat created by the mastermind VIDKID. Check out the video here and purchase on iTunes here


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Ahh back to the grind. If you're feeling a bit of the Mon-daze that I am then you are really going to appreciate this one from London via Slovenia based BluBird. "Wake Up" is an energetic upbeat feel good record that is totally wiping the sleep from my eyes. A deep kick, synth stabs and claps accompany a fun guitar line filling in the instrumental underneath a relaxing female voice urging us to "Wake Up! Sun is shining for you!" Out via our homies over at The Vibe Guide you can nab this as a download or stream here.