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Elohim seems to be the hot ticket right now. If you haven't heard her new tune with our homies Louis the Child "Love is Alive" you gotta get on dat. She's got this other ya knoww freaking charming original "Hallucinating" that's been on repeat in my headphones recently, and I was super stoked when Christofi sent over his version. If you're not too familiar with Christofi yet, you should start to get acquainted. He's steadily building a great catalogue of tunes that are legitimately unique from track to track. His recent "Temptation (feat. Ayer)" was a total feel good jam in much the same way as his version of "Hallucinating." I didn't think it was possible to make Elohim's original more upbeat and fun, but Christofi has found that lightning in a bottle. Pretty much all of Christofi's catalogue is great so I recommend checking all his tunes out on Spotify here. You can also download this remix for free here.