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There is nothing like a Classixx live set - it has all the deep disco house dance grooves tangled up with soulful R&B vibes to create the ultimate music experience ... we love Classixx.  We were just teasing you back in May with a DJ set ... just warming you up for our next go around on November 10 at The Regency Ballroom with a big fat in your face LIVE set from our favorite LA duo. Tickets are currently on sale and they won't last - so swoop them ASAP! 


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French disco house and funk master Fred Falk quietly released this remix a few days ago, so quietly in fact that is almost slipped under my radar! Good thing I have a pool party in SF coming up with this legend and was pulling some music for event posts when I saw this gem! Fred Falke has spread his rich funky flavor all over this remix of "Heavenly Bodies" by Midnight Faces! Delicious! August 14 at The Phoenix Hotel he'll be playing sweet sweet jams at our monthly pool party The Skinny Dipp! If you're in San Francisco - grab them tickets HERE


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My love for Poolside compares to none other .... they were one of the main catalyst when I started getting into electronic music. Before this blog and before I even thought about being a buyer/promoter - I used to go see Poolside in LA and think they were the greatest band ever.  I still feel that way to this day -- and today not only do I have my second sold out show this these legends - they just put out a new track which is long overdue. "And The Sea" has that unwavering daytime disco groove that only Poolside has perfected, and this electro pop dance track is everything for your summertime vibes! You can grab a free download HERE! If you're in San Francisco, we're having a pool party with Poolside today - me and 1000 of our closest friends! Advance tickets are sold out - but there will be limited tickets at the door - Phoenix Hotel - 12PM - 21+ -- come out and play! 


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Let us take a second to remove you from your regularly scheduled programming to drop some FIRE nu-disco from newcomer Plymouth. I heard this record late last night while doing laundry ha ha. As the track played on, the laundromat around me quickly faded away into a beautiful French spring evening. I slowly strolled down the river Seine admiring the romance and perfection of the gorgeous Parisian skyline. If you've had the luxury of visiting that amazing city, hit play and join me there. I have to give a bunch of kudos to Natty Reeves for inciting this emotion with his record, but also to Plymouth for giving it a nice spark. 


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Our bestie Pomo is at it again, and this pretty much made my morning amazing! Canadian producer and one of the most awesome dudes in the game, Pomo, never let's us down with his smooth jams, and this week he's put his spin on "Midnight River" by Vaults that has us feeling some type of way. The vibes here are so chill, and his disco house groove has us easing into our morning feeling alriiiight!!  Last time Pomo was SF we did not get to do our next day after show brunching - I feel like I was robbed from my required quality time with this legend - but we may or may not have some plans in the works for this summer!  Stay tuned!  


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This next premiere is filled with all the homie love! Rambo V has been filling our ears with marvelous jams for sometime now, and this Los Angeles producer makes all the right moves when it comes to finding the key to our heart with his tropical house vibes. Additionally, Pat Lok is one of our very besties - he's a big part of our BB fam and has delivered some of our favorite tracks over the past few years. So, when I was asked to premiere this Rambo V remix of "Your Lips" by Pat Lok, I could not dare pass this one up! Rambo V puts his smoothe SoCal sunset sound all over this bad boy ... it has me longing for lazy summertime  afternoons with all the homies and all the feels! Grab your headphones and warm yourself up with this one kids! 


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Well .... no explanation needed here! Le Youth is pretty much the only reason I stay sane in this completely insane industry - he raises me up and takes care of me like no other! Honestly one of the kindest souls I know, I am so proud to call him friend! And when your friends are this talented I mean .... life is good! Our bestie once again crushes with a new remix of "Falling For You" by Teenage Mutants x Laura Welsh!  He puts his super sexy indie house dance vibe all over this one - that soulful R&B groove carries us onto the dance floor with pure bliss! Le Youth is as good as it gets! You guys can swoop this one HERE!  


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It's been a long day of the most random work, and even tho we have a US holiday today and my email is quite, the workload has not decreased and honestly, it's time for a Starbucks run .... for real! As we wind down into our early evening hours, I figured I'd bring some vibes with this new Millesim track "Another Sunrise ft. Sean Bradford" for some tropical house goodness. This has loads of that golden deep house poolside sounds that we are are longing for as we work through this winter!  Hope this warms up your afternoon! You can grab a free download HERE