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This is our shitt right here. New Cut Copy means happiness in a lot of people's earholes. This heavenly piece of music will take you "Airborne" with their perfectly groovy bassline, perky drumming and funky guitars. As eclectic as it is magnificent we're treated with flittering blips of rhythmic hits rising out above the flowing pads. The resolute chorus of falsetto singers chant "That don't stop me" as the song bumps along. We've heard rumours that this is the first of more to come as the band has been recording a all over the globe in the past year. Sign us up Cut's been too long. Add this on Spotify here


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Today we've got a treat for you from Finland's young rising nu-disco king Lenno! We love everything about this EP so much that we had to post two tracks off the groovy EP. We'll start with the lead track "Good Thing." A slower but still upbeat record with jiving synth stabs, bumping bass and sporadic top line synth splashes all underneath a jovial lead vocal that rings out reminding us that now we've got a "Good Thing."

The second track features some of our bestest homies and SXSW Get Buzzzed alumni Bee's Knees and Monogem. During Monogem's set at our showcase the power to the stage literally cut off half way through! But instead of getting frustrated like an absolute champ she made small talk with the audience and kept everyone in good spirits while it was fixed. What a pro! I digress but seeing these two names teaming up with Lenno made us at BB very happy. "Better With You" is a amazingly funky track with swirling synths upbeat lyrics and of course the grooviest of bass lines that we would expect from a collaboration of this magnitude. Monogem's vocals smooth us along turning this record into a surefire radio ready hit! "Everything is better" with music from these three studs. The EP is out via Casablanca/Republic/UMG and you can nab it on all digital retailers here


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Good morning world! I'm currently running 2 hours behind in life, and as I kick off this busy day all I'm really hoping is that I don't get washed away from all the rain and flooding happening in my little NorCal town!  How lucky are we tho, because our besties over at Perfect Havoc handed me this tasty premiere of "Say You Love Me ft. River" from British duo PJU! It's deep house heaven, and I love it! PJU release this new original with the sweet and soulful vocals from River over synthy melodies and funky dance beats ... it's the perfect vibe with all the good feels! Released today via The Vibe Guide - you guys can swoop this one HERE