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The always charming duo Papa Ya reemerges after a year-long hiatus to drop their latest single, “Yesterday.” Their innate charisma is apparent here, as the track boasts a witty production with effervescent vocals. An infectious rhythm glides seamlessly across a cinematic kick that anchors the single in a magnetic atmosphere. A breezy triumph, “Yesterday” is an easy listen, suitable for any listening experience. Its radiant nature is compelling and inspiring. There’s something unapologetic about this LA duo that is playfully seductive, and wildly enthralling. Check out the return of Papa Ya today.



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After a breakout 2017 that saw Papa Ya garner over 2 million streams, and head out on a 30 date tour U.S., tour we knew it was only a matter of time before we were going to hear new music. Flash forward and we now know what's next in this growing catalogue of hyper fun tracks. When you first hit play you might think the first 10 seconds of "Tumbleweed" is a journey away from the pop leaning Papa Ya production. But as quickly as you think that, a hard kick and Nate Merchant's vocals swoop in shining some light on the situation. The vocal chorus fills in with guitars, and light synthwork building into a fun drop with a brilliant trumpet melody that leads the away above a bobbing bass line. The guys have a way of finding these one liner lyrics that just get stuck in your head, "I'm drunk in the lobby and I really don't care" - too infectious. Bravo boys welcome back, and cheers to a fun filled 2018. 



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Our favorite sunny duo Papa Ya is back with a new original that's an absolute trip! The boys have constructed a fun, definitely pop leaning record "Oom Zigga" that's pretty much onomatopoeia-land. To be honest when I first heard it I was a little taken aback with the in-your-face unapologetic and borderline cheesy tribal nature of the tune, but upon second listen I couldn't help but smile and laugh. Look if you take music too seriously then this might not be the record for you, but if you know the guys (Alex and Nate), and their previous releases then you can fully appreciate how silly and perfect this song is. First of all they're called Papa Ya which I think inherently implies a little jungle-istic nature to it, and the guys are simply hamming it up. The production is really well done, and the verses from Malcolm Anthony add a cool factor fully legitimizing the tune. Have a laugh, drink a piña colada and turn up the Papa Ya! 

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Papa Ya isn't new to our BB pages, we've featured their fun loving originals "Sunny" and "Outta Here" which have both put up phenomenal streaming numbers, and really put the project on the map. Well today they're back but this time with a new Papa Ya remix. Sam Martin's bluesy original "Bring Me Home" gets a faster tempo and perky update with this remix morphing the original into Papa Ya's signature hybrid of tropical, electronic and pop. Synth and piano stabs, lead the way while the chorus fills in with a hornlike synth melody that's just all too catchy. This record is a perfect fit to re-energize the waning days of summer.  



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Papa Ya's tune "Sunny" is just soo good I think any remixer that simply uses the infectious vocals is sure to have gold. Regardless Evan Gartner has taken the original and really put an awesome spin to it. He's smoothed out the pool party original into a loungier direction, featuring a precise vox chop, and bouncy piano that adds a glisten to the record it didn't quite have before. The track flows with ease and is sweet as honey, oh oh! "drink till you're sunny!" You can download this for free here, or add it to your fave Spotify playlist here

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Well lookie lookie what we have here! In what feels like a short 4 months ago I did a little review of this pool splashin' single "Outta Here" from newcomers Papa Ya. Raking up a cool 779k plays on Soundcloud, I couldn't wait to hear their next installment. Flash forward to today I've been graciously given the opportunity to premiere their next soon-to-be-hit single "Sunny." Oh man, I know Halloween is right around the corner, but this new single is very much still keeping the summer heat alive! A bumpin' bass line and snaps appropriately start this upbeat jam leading us to Nate's vocals. The chorus lyrics perfectly exemplify the spritely instrumental, "Rollin' in deep got my girls with me, party gonna start when we step out the limousine," as they chant, "Woah Oh came for the hunnies...Drink till we're Sunny!" The dance chorus has a goofy bending synth line that's so infectious you can't help but smirk and tap your toes. This duo is fully ready to blow the top off of your pool party, and I don't care what the temperature is outside. Now I just need to see the music video and all will be complete. Grab this bright and shiny single as a FREE DOWNLOAD and promptly insert into all your pool party playlists.


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Just in time for the pool heating, thermometer bursting heatwave California's experiencing, Papa Ya has cued up an instant pool party hit with "Outta Here (feat. Con Bro Chill)." Reaching for a distinctly electronic pop sound Papa Ya, a duo founded at the University of Oregon, teamed up with Con Bro Chill to bring us this mai tai of a tune. Guitars, claps, hip hop hi hats and groovy bass combine for fire 2:49 minutes of fun. If you didn't hear their first release with "Fine Livin'" you should definitely do so right now. Get a running start to jump on this bandwagon, because it's moving fast! Oh and feel free to snag this as a free download right here.  

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