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After a breakout 2017 that saw Papa Ya garner over 2 million streams, and head out on a 30 date tour U.S., tour we knew it was only a matter of time before we were going to hear new music. Flash forward and we now know what's next in this growing catalogue of hyper fun tracks. When you first hit play you might think the first 10 seconds of "Tumbleweed" is a journey away from the pop leaning Papa Ya production. But as quickly as you think that, a hard kick and Nate Merchant's vocals swoop in shining some light on the situation. The vocal chorus fills in with guitars, and light synthwork building into a fun drop with a brilliant trumpet melody that leads the away above a bobbing bass line. The guys have a way of finding these one liner lyrics that just get stuck in your head, "I'm drunk in the lobby and I really don't care" - too infectious. Bravo boys welcome back, and cheers to a fun filled 2018.