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Ahead of his upcoming debut EP is ALIGNs first single from it: “Found.” The Chicago-native has spent quite some time the past few years releasing singles and remixes, honing in on his sound. All of his hard work is finally paying off with INTERTWINE, his debut EP, coming soon. “Found” is the first official peek as to what’s to come, including downtempo tunes and magically light soundscapes.

In a quote from ALIGN, he explains that “elements of ‘Found’ contain calmness yet hold a sense of excitemnet at the same time. I hope that ‘Found’ is something that listeners can collect their thoughts to, as well as relax and have a good time.” That’s the perfect way to describe how this track makes me feel. It instantly increases my mood, and everyone loves a good mood booster! Give the track a listen and keep ALIGN on your radar this year.



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Oh boy our favorite Irish downtempo maestro EMBRZ is back smoldering again with "Heartlines." The first single from his upcoming 'Progress EP' due out this summer, "Heartlines" is a tender tune that bobs and weaves its way forward lead by Meadowlark's mesmerizing vocals. If this is an exposé of what's to come from the EP then I'm thinking it will be an absolute joy to listen to - much like this single. You can add this to your favorite playlist on your choice of streaming platforms here