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In recent years, French producer Kidswaste has quickly become a global act to watch. Each of his tracks boast a glistening digital resonance, robust with a signature shine. His latest unveiling, “Sleeping Pills” featuring LA super-babe KOLE is a testament to his artistic innovation. Swathed in warmth, the single evokes emotion, effortlessly rousing the senses. Hills and valleys of vast landscapes rise from the spaces between each note, prompting an even-tempered listening experience. “Sleeping Pills” is defined by a slackened cadence that is equally as invigorating and effervescent. Kick back and listen to four minutes drawn from the sounds of cloud nine.

Disclaimer: Kidswaste Is Promoted By Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey

Disclaimer: Kidswaste Is Promoted By Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey


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Steadily-rising young artist ye. has already bestowed us with two singles off of his anticipated EP. Recently, the NY-based producer finally unveiled 'Trails,' an 8-track EP, in it's entirety. While each and every track on the project retains such divergent qualities, we decided to highlight one of our top picks, "Alright Alone," and leave the rest for you to explore. Ethereal and floaty waves shape ye.'s recently-renovated sound and become the theme of the collaboration with singer/songwriter Josh Jacobson. Heavy influences from artists such as ODESZA, Slow Magic, and Petit Biscuit can all be heard within the synth work as it seamlessly intertwines with Josh's silvery vocals. As a whole, the EP delivers a style that is simply refreshing, and will assuredly have you hitting 'play' over and over. 

Disclaimer: ye. is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer, Alli Lindsey.



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Josh Moriarty who we at BB know well from his work with Miami Horror has launched into solo land with this first single "R.T.F.L." a sexy jam from a forthcoming 8 track album titled War Is Over. This tune has a lot to unfold with layers of group vocals filling in the backseat of a slow rolling musical Cadillac trudging forward into a hazy skyline of grooving percussion and somber pads. The beat really keeps things moving with pace as the Josh's vocal tone captures your interest. I love Josh's quote regarding the tune, "It is music to make you feel (at least for a moment) that you are not alone, to capture in aural form the ephemeral grace of existence. Yet, on the other hand the music is mere art for art’s sake, completely useless, beautiful for the sake only of beauty. A dichotomy of point and pointlessness. War Is Over is designed as a modern day opus of existential desire, longing, sensuality, and what it means to human." With the amount of feels packed into a short 3:57 I can assure you the point of this tune is simple desire. 


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I'm all about the new music NVDES has been releasing in the last few months. He was featured on a Pierce Fulton track a while back "Better Places" that eventually became the name of his new album, and is most notably known for his single "The Other Side". Most  of NVDES' music features indie rock guitar and bass reminiscent of The Strokes or Gorillaz, but of course with his own flare and a hint of electronics just to blend it all together. This tune is a groover of a record and is a perfect beach ready tune for your summer adventures. Listen over on Spotify here


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I’m a bit behind on getting this up with the Holiday and all, but I had to show some love to this sweet new single from courtship. This LA based up-and-coming indie pop act is ready to make you smile with their new single “Love For Everyone.” This sun soaked tune picks you up from the second you hit play with shimmering pads, shakers, funky guitars and piano throughout the first verse. The half falsetto vocals ring out with a relaxed, but jovial feel sweeping us into an upbeat chorus that’s got me bobbing my head. In what sounds like a trumpet like synth we’re surrounded by layers of vocals, arps and synths that send this chorus into overdrive. Such a fun tune! I’m definitely gonna be having this one on repeat. You can stream this on Spotify here, and Apple Music and download for free.  


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Trick or Treat! No tricks here, we've got some tasty treats to get your Halloween festivities started right! We compiled a spooky list of Halloween themed jams from a wide variety of artists and genres to make your party go bump into the night. We've posted all the tracks individually in this post, but head over to our SoundCloud page here to get this list as a playlist for easy listening. 


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Did everyone survive their Monday! It's never fun to start the week off on a bad note, so this late afternoon burst if indie pop is just the thing to keep your spirits up! The day is almost done!! Los Angeles songwriter nvdes has released a new track, the second installment in his summertime fun vibes! This light and bouncy love song has so many feels, you can't possibly not love it!  nvdes is shinny and new, get into this kids!