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I'm usually not a woman of few words - I can talk all night long, especially about music.  But today I only have 3 things to say about this new track "Banshee" by Wolfgang Gartner x K?d ..... 1) Always combine the legends with the new kids, magic happens. 2) This Justice vibe tho ... is bringing electro back. 3) K?d is everything ..... I told you so ! 

Disclaimer: K?d is managed by Beautiful Buzzz Contributor Hunter Thompson



Music, Original MixErin MaherComment

Well, we certainly called this one! Probably the biggest breakout artist in the EDM world (at least in our world) for 2017 is K?d. From day one we knew we had something special here. Today he drops a new original "Glass" for our listening pleasure. It's a little bananas on how many tracks he puts into the world, and they are all so good! This latest one has that future vibe with big dance floor builds and a slight video game quality under deep bass beats. Delicious! K?d does it again! Grab a free download HERE!

Disclosure: k?d is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz legend Hunter Thompson.



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Just as I thought my Thursday couldn't get any more comes a new record from k?d! Swimming with expansive sound design, the beginning starts contemplative with juicy pads and a simple vocal cut up. The track slowly builds with patches of distortion floating in, bringing us into a bright hard hitting chorus full of crunchy distortion. K?d shows off his piano skillz in the ending with a beautifully complex piano outro that leaves us moody in such a good way. We've been awaiting a future collab with Rezz in the works. When we have the arrival of that you will be the first to know, until then enjoy this one. 


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There is a reason I have been talking nonstop about this young producer k?d - I like to think I know a thing or two about that good music - you know the real good stuff that maybe takes a few minutes to get to the world, and when the world finally catches up they freak out!  This is it! K?d is it .... this is what I'm saying ... this is what I have been saying!  I mean, when you take a song like "Doin It Right" by Daft Punk and CRUSH a remix like this ... it's time to get ready for greatness! Who's k?d tho? He's your favorite new future bass producer .... that's who! Grab a free download HERE!


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I was having a conversation with a manager of artists the other night, talking about BB and how each track is carefully selected because we believe it's 100% amazing! This is why the feedback we receive from industry and our lovely followers is always that we are so on point! Sometimes I feel funny receiving praise for this, simply because I'm just a girl who loves music and wants to share that love with the world, and I told this friend that this .... knowing good music and talent buying for events ... it's the only thing I do good in life!  Everything else is kinda crap!  That being said - this track is a great example of what I was saying - 100% amazing! We've been talking about k?d for a minute, and this new remix of "Cliffs Edge" by Hayley Kiyoko is the best thing we have heard since we've been home from SXSW! With his big future bass sound, k?d is going to be larger than life pretty soon, and we're glad we've been able to get behind this young producer from the get go! This is what I do best in life .. so listen and love!