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I was having a conversation with a manager of artists the other night, talking about BB and how each track is carefully selected because we believe it's 100% amazing! This is why the feedback we receive from industry and our lovely followers is always that we are so on point! Sometimes I feel funny receiving praise for this, simply because I'm just a girl who loves music and wants to share that love with the world, and I told this friend that this .... knowing good music and talent buying for events ... it's the only thing I do good in life!  Everything else is kinda crap!  That being said - this track is a great example of what I was saying - 100% amazing! We've been talking about k?d for a minute, and this new remix of "Cliffs Edge" by Hayley Kiyoko is the best thing we have heard since we've been home from SXSW! With his big future bass sound, k?d is going to be larger than life pretty soon, and we're glad we've been able to get behind this young producer from the get go! This is what I do best in life .. so listen and love!