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Beauvois, more commonly known by his indie-pop moniker, Kidswaste, has once again graced us with an exposé of versatility and musical brilliance. His fresh release “Escape” takes a different path than previous releases of this alias that took on a mellower vibe such as his last single “Jupiter”. In his most recent, the French singer, songwriter and musician assumes an earlier 2000’s indie/synth-pop sound comprised of upbeat chords and energized guitar riffs. It perfectly cultivates a heavy sense of nostalgia through indie rock elements such as those found in old school Matt & Kim while the 21 year old artist tops it off with his own vocals- ones that almost scarily resembles that of Thomas Mars, lead singer of (also) French indie-pop/new wave band Phoenix. All in all, if you’re looking for an “escape” from the long hours of work, and the continuously shortening days of winter, then this is definitely going to be your go-to.



Music, Original MixSara NatkinsComment

Over a year ago, the French electronic super group, Slow Hours, teased us with two epic remixes of Petit Biscuit and What So Not. Their name, as well as the names of the artists it comprises: Khamsin, Kidswaste, Kultur, Rusty Hook, Lain and Astre, started spreading like wildfire following those releases. Listeners and fans worldwide were left on the edge of their seats in anticipation for more music from the group. Well, almost 2 years later that time has FINALLY arrived, and it’s pretty hard for us here at Beautiful Buzzz to comprehend just how elated we really are. Might we say, their debut single, titled “Endless”, was well-worth the wait and 100% exceeds what were already our sky-high expectations. Each member contributed their own signature style to the track - from indie to pop, to some of the grimiest electronic synthwork - and created one hell of a masterpiece as a result.

But this release comes as one very close to the heart for the boys, considering the physical- and emotional- energy that went into the production of it. Confronted with a plethora of obstacles, from internal disagreements to the contemplation of disassembling the group, “Endless” is the result of what happens when 6 young incredibly talented artists, and close friends, decide to persevere and let their passion lead the way.

Disclaimer: Slow Hours is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Writer, Alli Lindsey.