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The official start to summer is June 21st, but it feels like its already happening full swing here in California. Rising future-funk producer, SoDown brings the pool party flavor just in time with sweet-tempered, summery single, “My Love” featuring soulful vocals from Jonny William. Having opened for legends such as Pretty Lights, The Floozies, and Manic Focus- SoDown has been putting his name on the map for his stamina, innovation, and style. Combining bass, soul, and classic funk- he’s switching up the EDM experience. Being classically trained on the saxophone, he’s best known for merging old school brass with electric grooves both in his singles, and live sets. “My Love” impresses with well-formulated production that builds the groundwork for Jonny William’s full-bodied, soulful vocals. This one is dance floor ready, sure to set the vibe all summer long.

Disclosure: SoDown is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Alli Lindsey



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German producer Stefan Kozalla, better known as DJ Koze has been making a name for himself in the German hip-hop scene since the mid 90’s. Established as one of the most playful producers, he’s remixed for many, including Chicks on Speed, Rah Band, Matias Aguayo, and countless others. His first solo album, Amygdala appeared back in 2013 courtesy of Pampa. This release came 8 years after his first full-length, Kosi Comes Around. Experimenting with proper Kompakt-style minimal techno, ambient, break beat, and dream pop- he cultivates legendary musical expression. In 2015, Koze released a mix for the DJ-Kicks series and in 2016, put out a Pampa sampler. One of his latest releases, “Bonfire” comes from his full-length LP, Knock Knock. “Bonfire” is concurrently inviting and apprehensive, mixing pulsing atonal synthesizers with warm vocals sampled from Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. There's always a beautiful, magical element in any Koze release. If he didn’t already win you over with his remix of “Operator” at Dekmantel, no worries you have 16 more tracks to fall in love with.



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Seeing that Beautiful Buzzz thrives from innovative artists, we understand the impact they have in inspiring people all around the world. One artist in particular has enamored me since 2016 when I first heard,  “Scenic Route ft. Felish.” Los Angeles based producer Andrew Coulter, better known as Soul Catalyst, has consistently been an artist I can queue for anyone, anytime, in any environment and receive the same positive reaction from. His stylistic choices render a daydream essence. He's held his own remixing favorites such as, Daft Punk’s “Lose Yourself to Dance” and ODESZA’s “White Lies.” With light filled, organic, care-free melodies and vocals, it’s clear he’s mastered the art of combining electronic house beats with dreamy psychedelic chill. He's just released, “Only You ft. Felish” off his forthcoming album, Silver Linings. It’s hard to say what’s in the future for Soul Catalyst, but I’m sure he’ll have no problem turning it into a beautiful journey. 


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I don’t know about you but I’m ready to move this weekend! While half my friends are experiencing the post Coachella blues, the other half just started the pre-Coachella hype. Whether you’re leaving the desert or heading into it, you’re going to need music for the voyage. Lucky for you, our man Mat Zo has you covered with his recently released 5-hour extended mix, courtesy of Mad Zoo. Making big noise from his early drum and bass productions, to his Grammy nominated album, Zo has shown us there’s not much he can’t put down on the decks. This mix comes in preparation for his 5-hour extended set at Output in Brooklyn May 4th. Thank the music gods and add this to the queue.

Disclosure: Mat ZO is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Alli Lindsey



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Sydney producer POOLCLVB released his highly anticipated new single, “Freefall” thanks to our friends at Etcetc Records. Known for his ability to push the boundaries, POOLCLVB showcases his talent blending future edge sound with nostalgic 90’s summer vibes. The party-ready track is full of playful melodies, light-filled basslines, and punchy synths that will have you grabbing a cocktail and moving poolside. This laid-back Australian house tribute is masterfully delivered, paired with mesmerizing hooks and vocals from featured artist Doolie. This track is less about sound and more about feeling, so sit back, relax, and listen.


Remcord, Mark Höffen, Juan - HSTD

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What could be better than one amazing artist? That’s easy... three! Hosted recently released the Room Mates Series #001 and trust us- it will leave you reveling in the collaborative magic. The compilation showcases “HSTD” a minimal tech house track produced by beloved artists Remcord, Mark Höffen, and Juan. The French/ Parisian trio works to keep their focus on the love and music. This track embodies the essence of melodic techno, integrated with beats you can move and groove to. 



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How about a new mix from a fresh yung producer who we think needs to hit your radar? Just in time for the holiday we would like to introduce you to INZO. This Chicago native is starting to make waves, and we're predicting a big 2018 for this up-and-comer. Like we've done with so many mid-west developing artist in the past, the more love we can give to the next generation of incredible music makers .... the better! INZO hands us a future feels mix drenched with glitchy bass tracks among soulful electro-pop gems that will for sure have you dancing in 2.5 seconds. Swoop a free download of Buzzzmix Vol. 44 - INZO HERE

INZO - Visionaries (feat. Novet)
Hex Cougar - Afterlife (feat. Jarell Perry)
Virtual Riot - In My Head (feat. PRXZM)
D.R.A.M. - Broccoli (Joe Mason Remix)
SMLE & Just A Gent - Leave It All (feat. Calica)
rkcb - eleated (k?d remix)
Stalgia - BDY (Joe Mason Remix)
Virtual Self - EON BREAK [blanke flip]
What So Not - Be Ok Again (feat. Daniel Johns)
San Holo - The Future (Just A Tune Flip)
Win and Woo - Chicago (INZO Remix)
Post Malone - Fall Apart (Perto x Made By Tsuki Flip)
Thutmose - WuWu (INZO x SWRVN REMIX)
Hex Cougar - Agatha
Louis The Child - Fire (DNMO Remix)
AWAY - Honest To God (feat. Charity)
Mat Zo - Time Dilation
Pink Guy - Fried Noodles (Getter Remix)
INZO - Letting You Go (feat. LaMeduza)
Grant - Constellations (feat. Jessi Mason)
Hex Cougar - anythingUwant
Jerry Folk Flip - Boyfriend
Oliver Tree & Whethan - Enemy


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This is one of those dark dance tracks that make you wanna do sexy things to other people, or maybe yourself too, whatever you're into. Los Angeles producer Drezo is keeping that underground vibe alive with his latest remix of "Made You Look" by Naz that is full of deep house beats with all that rumbling bass we love. Throw in them sick hip-hop rhymes from Naz with some G-House feels and you have yourself a party! You feel this track, in all the right places! Grab that free download HERE!


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Good morning Los Angeles! I'm back in this beautiful city for the weekend attending my brother's wedding reception. Even tho I am focusing on family time - it's Friday which means I have a pile of new releases that need to be listened to and sorted out! Lucky for you, this next premiere is a delicious new Tyzo Bloom remix of "24 HRS" by Janelle Kroll. This yung Los Angeles producer may be just starting to find his way into our little community of electronic music makers, but he's showing us he's here to play ball. His sweet melodic tones mixed with future beats are delicious - and of course Janelle Kroll is simply amazing! Swooning!