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First off, I’d like to sincerely apologize for not getting to this one sooner. LA-based DEVAULT absolutely crushes his freshly released remix of Alessia Cara’s emotive pop ballad, “Out Of Love”. The rising artist sets the theme using his signature retro brand. He infuses the original with nostalgic 80’s synths and energizing riffs that produce an incredible chemistry with Alessia’s passionate lyrics.

To better describe the track’s vibe as vividly as possible, envision yourself cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway on a cloudless day. You’re riding in a convertible, top down with the wind whipping around you, and you have absolutely zero worries in the world. Well that’s exactly what you’re going to be picturing the second the chorus kicks in - guaranteed. Highly recommend you listen to this on high quality headphones in order to truly absorb the full affect and I promise, it will leave you speechless.

Disclaimer: DEVAULT is promoted by BB writer, Alli Lindsey.



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Beauvois, more commonly known by his indie-pop moniker, Kidswaste, has once again graced us with an exposé of versatility and musical brilliance. His fresh release “Escape” takes a different path than previous releases of this alias that took on a mellower vibe such as his last single “Jupiter”. In his most recent, the French singer, songwriter and musician assumes an earlier 2000’s indie/synth-pop sound comprised of upbeat chords and energized guitar riffs. It perfectly cultivates a heavy sense of nostalgia through indie rock elements such as those found in old school Matt & Kim while the 21 year old artist tops it off with his own vocals- ones that almost scarily resembles that of Thomas Mars, lead singer of (also) French indie-pop/new wave band Phoenix. All in all, if you’re looking for an “escape” from the long hours of work, and the continuously shortening days of winter, then this is definitely going to be your go-to.



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Vocalist Kailee Morgue is rapidly rising to pop stardom. Roping in listeners with her 2017 hit single Medusa, the singer is making a statement with her latest release, "F**k U." The pop, yet soulful track is lined with acoustic chords and subtle percussion, both of which are topped with a mellow melody that you'll quickly find gets stuck in your head. What I love most about this single is how soft and simplistic the production is, which is an utter paradox to Kailee's bitter and all too relatable lyrics that call out a past lover. Simultaneously, because of the song's subtlety and easygoing vibe, Kailee's silvery vocals are accentuated, giving her the ability to get her "I'm tired of your bullsh**t" message across, extra loud and extra clear.