Erin MaherComment

Alright, I am a sucker for sweet British boys in bands who make amazing dance rock music!  They charmed me into going up to San Francisco, like I even had a choice in the matter.  The truth is, my friends could not imagine being on the west coast without me, and for them one night together was simply not enough.  Off to San Francisco I went with Breton, and I am so glad I did......

San Francisco has such a great vibe, and seeing live shows there is actually much more fun because the crowds are much more into it.  We here in LA are too cool to dance like a fool and actually have a super blast - so head bobbing is about all you get......but not in San's a party!  The crowd at Brick + Mortar was small, but man was the energy high.  Front man Roman Rappak at one point even got down into the crowd and danced along. 

Breton is one of my top bands for 2012 - their record Other People's Problems is ace and their live shows are incredible.  The only advice I will leave you is to get into this band now because it's some of the best out there in indie electro-rock to date!