Erin MaherComment

How stoked was I last week?  Super stoked!  Breton was back in town for the second time this year!  I have a special bond with these Brits - they played my SXSW showcase this year, and when we met it was love at first sight!  After a fun night of dancing and taking their first pickle back shots, Breton left my venue in the wee hours of the Austin morning knowing we would see each other soon - and two months later I ended up on the road with them on the first US tour.  Now they are back in the states and in Los Angeles to destroy The Echo stage, and that is exactly what happened.  

Breton are not your average electro-pop live band - they have this super dark and sexy side that turns dance music into electro-sex....forget the pop!  From start to finish, their set was designed as a build up, rock out and dance like crazy event that had The Echo crowd in an uproar!  Yes, it's true.....I saw fist pumping!  They played crowd favorites such as "Edward The Confessor" and "Jostle" - but the highlight for me was my jam "Governing Correctly" - I LOVE that song!  I don't have any decent video from The Echo show, so check out this one from earlier this year in Amsterdam.

I will miss Breton - they most likely will not be back in the states until sometime next year......but I will be looking forward to their return so we can do it all again!  Love you kittens!