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Got a v cool premiere for all y'all today! Our boy BKAYE is back with this first release of 2018 - just in time too - we were starting to miss this legend! This young Cali producer not only whips up killer remixes, he knows how to put down a heater set in the club .... we should know, he's played 2 of our events so far. This remix of "I Fall Apart" by Post Malone is siiick - all the future feels and melodic bass vibes you could ever want!  Also, BKAYE will be back in the bay area on March 16 supporting the legend Wolfgang Gartner at my club, Mezzanine -- so everyone come out and rage! 



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I'm feeling rather emotional today ... life is grand in so many ways, I'm very lucky to be making a living by doing exactly what I'm passionate about.  For today's first post I wanted to pick a track full of big feels and welcome a new artist to the BB pages. Aussie producer Loston just released his new original "Disappear" and I am swooning. This melodic bass track takes you on a roller coaster of bright melodies and bassy beats stuffed full of some of the best feels .... good for that emotional vibe I'm having. So so so good! This is the first track from his forthcoming Echoes EP so be sure to keep your eyes on this one!  



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Announcing his debut LP 'Places We Don't Know', Kasbo has dropped an incredibly fluid and pretty new single "Aldrig Mer". This record is a joy to listen to and further cements his place alongside Odesza on their Foreign Family label with some of the best forward thinking indie electronic producers. Having trashed an initial version of the tune, the up and coming swedish producer had this to say about it, "I trashed the entire thing except for the guitar riff part along with the chords. From there I finished up the demo and involved TENDER, who absolutely nailed the emotional vibe without ever transcending into something cheesy which often feels like a risk when doing something "pretty.”" The line between beautiful and cheesy is often hard to ride in music. But given the eloquence of his previous couple singles and the depth of this new one it's easy to hear that Kasbo is really starting to come into his own.  



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Guess who's back! After a hiatus of oh about 3 months (thanks for the reminder Erin...) EJ's back in the buzzzy building! Phew I apologize for my absence things have been pretty busy. HOWEVER, I'm very happy that I get to make my return to the BB pages with this gem of a record from the mysterious yet cuddly newcomers Snugs. Now I have a special place in my heart for this act because I recently heard about an album's worth of their unreleased music, and I can definitely tell you there's a lot more fun in store.

A bit of back story - Proximity, yes the youtube mega channel, recently inked a deal with Geffen A&M to start releasing records, and this fluffy act right here just so happens to be newly signed to the growing label. Leading the charge with a character instead of a backstory this act has decided to let the branding and music do the talking, and boy does it with this record "Flooded". The record is infused with light synthwork and percussion that keeps things airy and bright underneath Axel Mansoor's heavenly falsettos. It's rare when the music and presentation all come together so perfectly and that's exactly what we have here. Don't snuggle up too quick and fall asleep on this act, they're definitely here to stay.

Disclosure: Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Mike Doose

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You can't expect anything less than greatness from our bb boy Whethan. This yung producer has arrived .... he's at the top of the pack now kids, and it's only going to get better.  Whethan is well on his way to be one of the biggest producers of 2018, and there is no stopping the insane momentum ... I feel like a proud mama! This new bootleg of "Stains" by Brockhampton that Whethan just dropped for fun is siiick - going in on the vibes big time! Jam of the week right here - listen and love!  

Disclosure: Whethan is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh + Alli Lindsey



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I first discovered Spirix when his remix of “Glory Days” by Sweater Beats and Hayley Kiyoko was algorithmically fed to me by my Spotify Discover Weekly or Release Radar, can’t remember which one exactly. I knew right away that this young producer had real talent. Turns out he has some mutual friends of the blog as well in Moving Castle founders Robotaki and Manila Killa. Definitely check out his remix of their track “I Want You” feat. Matthew John Kurz here.

His latest single “Little Doubts” is further reason to keep the name Spirix firmly on your radar. Sweet and light synth melodies provide a gently building introduction perfectly paired with the soft vocal stylings of Aviella, who has a great songwriting career ahead of her. The energy picks up and Spirix goes on to gift us two explosive drops with the kind of chord stabs that get you grinning wide and throwing down on the dance floor. He apparently made his live debut at Snowglobe this past NYE and I can only imagine it was quite the set. I can’t wait for more Spirix originals like this one, and I hope more are coming soon!

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You can just tell when it's Alexander Lewis laying on them thick bass vibes - he's got a sound all his own and we love it! Our trombone wielding friend is back with a siick new remix of "Flamez" by TroyBoi and y'all brace yourselves coz this one is HUGE! I'm all about throwing the trap arms in the office  right now ... my assistant can't stop laughing! I can't wait to hear this one in the club. Swoop a free download HERE



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This is going to be a HUGE year for Robotaki! After crushing a US tour with fellow future bass companion Manila Killa last last year and dropping some of our favorite jams of 2017, this Canadian producer is back with his next original track "Together We're Screwed ft. Nevve" and I'm swooning! This is a love song for millennials with it's sweet vocals and perfect pop essence layered with a fantastic dance groove - we're feeling this one! I've heard rumors about a big headline tour this spring/summer for yung Robitaki .... I think he should get ready for greatness.   

Disclosure: Robotaki is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh + Alli Lindsey



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I had big plans of sleeping in this morning after a very long and extremely busy week ... but alas I find myself up before 8am to post our next premiere, which by the way is super rad and totally worth it .... but I do it all for you BB fam! Today we welcome Metsä to our pages with his new remix of "Make You Mine" by Aire Alantica. This young producer from the pacific northwest is just coming into the scene .. all shiny and new ... and we think he's the bee's knees.  This remix is filled with fantastic glitchy melodic future bass feels and eloquent vocals over a sexy dance groove - how could you not love this! I'm super excited to see what's next from Metsä - we're keeping our eyes on him! You can grab a free download HERE!