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Announcing his debut LP 'Places We Don't Know', Kasbo has dropped an incredibly fluid and pretty new single "Aldrig Mer". This record is a joy to listen to and further cements his place alongside Odesza on their Foreign Family label with some of the best forward thinking indie electronic producers. Having trashed an initial version of the tune, the up and coming swedish producer had this to say about it, "I trashed the entire thing except for the guitar riff part along with the chords. From there I finished up the demo and involved TENDER, who absolutely nailed the emotional vibe without ever transcending into something cheesy which often feels like a risk when doing something "pretty.”" The line between beautiful and cheesy is often hard to ride in music. But given the eloquence of his previous couple singles and the depth of this new one it's easy to hear that Kasbo is really starting to come into his own.