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The drive from my club, Neck Of The Woods in San Francisco, to the Beautiful Buzzz Disco Office is around 45 minutes!  Last night - Touch Sensitive posted this new track on soundcloud, and I illegally put my ear buds in while driving and hit repeat the whole way home!  There are some people who come into your life and are so completely inspiring, it's bananas!  Over the past year I have met a few of those special people, and Touch Sensitive is one if them.  He's so fucking amazing, his tracks are cooler than we can ever hope to be!!  I can't be this amazing - I can't do what he does!!  He recognizes the passion I have in me for music and for what I do, so I like to think I inspire him in some way too!  "Slowments" pretty much rules my life!!  You can grab this track as a free download!  Touch Sensitive I just want to squeeze you and smooch your face!!