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THIS!  After a week of poor news and catching a nasty flu, I emerge from my sick bed with all kinds of delightful things to brighten up my day! First, I feel much better today and I might actually get to be a productive part of society again! Then, Facebook tells me that one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world, and super agent extraordinaire, picked up Fred Falke as a new client! I am jumping for joy over this news!  This agent works really hard and has been nothing but amazing to me over the years -- he deserves the world and I know these two can do awesome things together. Fred Falke played our SXSW show this year and hung out for hours, laughing and dancing with my crew and becoming a solid part of the Beautiful Buzzz family! Magic!  Then, I see he's released his first single "Radio Days ft. Shotgun Tom Kelly" from upcoming EP due DEC 4th. I mean ..... get ready to shake your bootay because this is some funky shit right here, ok! Fred Falke breaks it down for us, and the funk ain't never gonna run out while he's around! Brilliant!!  You guys can swoop this one HERE, and congrats to my beautiful friends!