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I have many moments in life where I think to myself -- fuck this is so cool... I can't believe this is my life -- and I had one of those moments with this Philly producer Louis Futon last month.  After throwing a 4th of July boat party in Long Beach, I piled into a car with Mr. Futon and JackLNDN where we started a journey to In-N-Out to grab a juicy burger.  On the way, he asks if we would be interested in hearing a remix he's been working on .... and of course we said yes!  While listening to this remix of "Weight In Gold" by Gallant, and being totally blown away by it's sweet sweet sounds, I remember looking out the window and having one of those moments -- that when I am old and grey and I am talking about my life, my memories will be full of these moments, ones where I am surrounded by greatness and feeling vibes with friends, and being totally emerged into my passion ... music! Thank you Louis Futon -- you are brilliant!