Music, Original MixHarrison MorganComment

Hang ten and ride the next biggest wave to come crashing into the EDM world. FLØRALS comes in with a hit that will leave you speechless, breathless, powerless, utterly every word imaginable to describe a state of being where time and movement cease to exist. “Waves” will definitely be your new favorite song. The synthetic waves that FLØRALS uses is able to coexist with a bass drum that flows beautifully with each strike of percussion. The softest percussion can also be heard through the bridge of the song, each kick sounding like the tap of a xylophone of our infant years to keep the vibe pleasantly fun. Can we please talk about that catchy drop! Pick up the phone because the summer vacation in our daydream is calling and FLØRALS is on the other line giving us our getaway. We get a sense that FLØRALS just cannot accept the fact that summer is gone because “Waves” is so lively and energized that we do not want to succumb to the gloom of the cloudy weather. Proclaim with us that summer is here to stay by listening to “Waves.”