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One of the first times that the fabulous Erin and I ever hung out together in LA I confessed I had fallen in love with her little blog. Slaptop was one of the artists that immediately came to mind when I thought about all the amazing new acts she had exposed me to. I remember distinctly it was his single "Away" over a year ago damnnn how time flies! Well his newest "Passenger Feat. Will Fraker" came out last week and it's definitely a must hear. Slaptop has such a unique sun drenched vibe to all of his records, and this one is just soo good! The deep/golden/lounge (whatever you want to call it) house instrumental just fits all too well underneath Will Fraker's relaxing vocals. If me writing this review exposes you to this amazing artist for the first time, well hey...that would just be fitting : ). You can purchase this from The Magician's label Potion Records here