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This last weekend brought the end of September, the start of October and a flurry of new releases. Hotel Garuda's new single "Fixed On You" came out last Friday, but I wasn't able to get a full Soundcloud live link until today so here we go! If you've been a BB listener/reader over the past couple years then you definitely know all about Hotel G. But for those new to Beautiful Buzzz or don't know, the duo comprised of Manila Killa and Candleweather have quickly grown from URL to IRL fame based on their forward thinking, melodic and dance floor ready music. This is their second major original release with the first being the highly anticipated "Smoke Signals" that came out last spring. "Fixed On You" is exactly the kind of Hotel Garuda release we expected, it starts out melodic and chill with string pads, and piano stabs filling in behind Sweden's Violet Days' pop friendly vocals. The track picks it up at the chorus with a killer dance drop full of beefy synth work, bongos and characteristically on point vocal chops. With so much traction, major festival performances and massive numbers it's hard to believe this is just the second Garuda original, regardless they've definitely hit this one out of the park. You can stream/purchase the new single from PRMD Music here.   

Disclosure: Hotel Garuda is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writers Alli Lindsey + Lindsey Oh

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