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It's almost 5am and I have not been to bed just yet - so deciding to blog at this moment might not be the best idea - but I've been listening to this jam all day, and as I come home from a fun night of work and play with another successful show in the books, I'm back listening to my homie Louis Futon, do what he does. I am a huge fan. I've only done one show with him, a boat party which was pretty great, and I have really been trying to have him back on another one of my events ever since .... but timing is off. Soon tho, I'm make it work. Yesterday he dropped his yummy remix of "Generationwhy" by ZHU, and once again he blows my hair back with his funky future style. Louis Futon has a gentle elegance about his music, it seems to flow effortlessly from his heart. Only spending a handful of hours with him 16 months ago, I did learn a bit about his charming character. I am convinced he has no idea how good he is, but then actually knows exactly how good he is ... if that makes any sense. Love this track - you guys need get into this one!