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Orbiting each other like a binary star system on a collision course with greatness, Oliver Tree & Whethan continue their path towards world domination with "Enemy". Whethan lays down an ambling backdrop to to Olive Tree's signature cadence that will have you pullin' back that sunroof on a sunny day lovin' life. Both artists are very much on the come up right now; Whethan with a tour coming to a city near you and Oliver Tree redefining the fashion landscape as I type this out. Shoot yourself on over to Whethan & Oliver's Soundcloud for more because you don't want to sleep on these gentlemen. 



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Really - my only goals today are to eat all the mashed potatoes and pie I can ... because Thanksgiving deems it so! But, I know someone in America today is missing cool family things because they won't get off their phone! My brother had a girlfriend that was like this - always on her phone or playing Warcraft during holidays .. she sucked! So .... this song is for all y'all to put the fucking phone down and get into the people you are around, your family, your friends, whoever! Bay area producer Justice Skolnik offers his brilliant future feels spin on "Phone Down" by Lost Kings - it's delicious! 

Have you grabbed your tickets for our Lost Kings show on NOV 26 at Ruby Skye? If you are in the bay area this weekend, this is where the dance party is at! With support from Dutch duo The Him, can't go wrong with the dance party vibes! Grab tickets below! 


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It's almost 5am and I have not been to bed just yet - so deciding to blog at this moment might not be the best idea - but I've been listening to this jam all day, and as I come home from a fun night of work and play with another successful show in the books, I'm back listening to my homie Louis Futon, do what he does. I am a huge fan. I've only done one show with him, a boat party which was pretty great, and I have really been trying to have him back on another one of my events ever since .... but timing is off. Soon tho, I'm make it work. Yesterday he dropped his yummy remix of "Generationwhy" by ZHU, and once again he blows my hair back with his funky future style. Louis Futon has a gentle elegance about his music, it seems to flow effortlessly from his heart. Only spending a handful of hours with him 16 months ago, I did learn a bit about his charming character. I am convinced he has no idea how good he is, but then actually knows exactly how good he is ... if that makes any sense. Love this track - you guys need get into this one!  


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One of the greatest feelings I experience is watching some of my most wonderful friends gain success in this very cut throat and saturated industry we all run around in. KAUF is a fabulous singer/songwriter from Los Angeles who I've been besties with for years, and 2016 has definitely been his breakout year. With an album completed and set for release in 2017, as well as killer live set, KAUF is poised for greatness. "Key To Life" is the third single from Regrowth, and this one is following suit with his signature sound - that dark synthy electro pop groove that is more like a spiritual journey rather than a song. Industry is flipping out over KAUF as well, and every time one of my peers brings up his name, I smile and think to myself .... finally people are seeing what I have seen all along. "Key To Life" is currently sitting at #1 on HypeMachine, and waking up to that has made my day! You guys can swoop this track HERE!  


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If you caught Louis The Child's set at Coachella this year - you got to hear this track with the Icona Pop girls live - they were a surprise performance with the yung Chicago producers and it was fire! Today they drop "Weekend" featuring the lovely Icona ladies, and this one was also co-written by our homie and most favorite muffin Lil Aaron. It's hard to believe that just a year ago I was booking Louis The Child for a small LA pool party where I had to convince the promoter it was the right move, and now they are selling out 2000+ venues. Bananas! I will always have huge love for these boys - once again they crush!  


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We have massive amounts of love for the Ardency boys - they've been dropping some of the most delicious tracks over the past year that we can 100% get behind.  So, this next premiere is very cool for us, because supporting amazing up-and-coming artists is what we love doing most! This LA electro dance duo knows how to bring all the feels, and their new remix of "Wasted" by Commandeur is super dreamy! Filled with swirly synthed out melodies under airy vocals, they bring the ethereal pop vibes mixed with 80s synth beats. So good! You can grab a free download HERE

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I'm thinking this will be the best thing you hear all day! I've been waiting for this one to drop because it's such hot hot steamy fire ... and finally we can all take part!  Grab your headphones y'all coz Bearson & Wheathin deliver a bananas remix of "Pillowtalk" by Zayn .... and it's super sexy! Both producers have some really cool things coming up this summer ..... this is just the beginning! You can grab this as a free download HERE!


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My girl K.Flay just dropped a remix package for "FML" and just our luck one of our favorite new producers put his juicy future sound all over this bad boy! KRNE - I know it seems we can't shut up about him - but he just crushes every single thing he puts into the world! More days than not I am saying FML - and I sooo vibe with what K.Flay has to say - living out my dreams with all the late night shows and 14 hours work days this industry demands of us, and I can't be bothered to change, nor would I ever if I had the chance! You guys can grab a free download HERE

Disclosure: KRANE is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh + Alli Lindsey