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All it takes is one riff to get you hooked and propel a song to become a timeless classic. Think of great bands of the past and today, great riffs paved the way for them to become stars in their own right. For example:Led Zeppelin’s iconic riff in Whole Lotta Love, Jimi Hendrix with Purple Haze, or current bands like Arctic Monkeys with Do I Wanna Know and The Strokes with Reptilia. The newest band on the horizon is Kick The Habit releasing their newest hit single “Alone”, which you may not be surprised when I say, has an extremely catchy riff. “Alone” dips in very different genres from Alternative Indie to Electronica and I have to say that I am all for it. You get the best of both worlds even if you never even been to the other world because Kick The Habit blends both genres so well.