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Damn I'm starting to feel old compared to all these up and coming producers lighting it up now a-days. I was sent this remix from 16 year old Pluto a bit before it came out, but due to life circumstances wasn't able to write it up until now. I was perusing the hype machine chart earlier yesterday and was happy to see this tune had already climbed all the way up to 2! I know Molly Moore is a hype machine darling and anything with her sumptuous voice is bound to get some attention, but lets focus on what this young producer has brought to this mix. The chorus drops into this minimalistic dirty sub drop with mysterious bells leading the charge in the top end. The guitars and horns intertwine with the drumming to subtly pave room for Molly's pipes. This remix doesn't go far out into left field, but instead keeps it close to home sharpening you're attention. You can download this tune for free right here