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Man the fantastic rabbit hole of MOONZz remixes just keeps getting deeper and deeper. I know it seems like we post a lot of MOONZz tunes, but with remixes like Nikö Blank's how could you not! Dive into this juicy and orchestral take on "Come Around." Nikö starts the record with layers of beautiful harps, pads, strings and piano creating a mystical sonic landscape that further enhances the hushed intensity of original's chord progression. In a sweep you off your feet build we're brought into a pumping future bass drop that's as hype as it is relieving. I say relieving merely because by the time we're finally brought up into those jump around chorus highs it feels soo completely right. Nikö did a tremendous job with both the sound design and arrangement of this remix incorporating lots of different synths, vox chops, percussion and even TRUMPETS. This one definitely deserves your attention. You can stream on Spotify here or download this tune for free right here.

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