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If you've been following our little blog here in the last year, then you've definitely heard us post these two amazing artists time and time again. I'm grateful enough to know personally both parties involved in this remix and I'm super happy to see them doing so well. Cosmos & Creature comprised of Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore have been absolutely hustling, giving us tons of material and crushing it release after release. Their single "Young" has been on repeat since it came out back in September (check out our review here), but now we're starting to see the remixes appear. Win and Woo the Chicago duo comprised of Austin Gahsen and Nick Winholt just recently released their killer new single "Recognize (feat. Ashe)," which is crushing both Soundcloud and Spotify, and have also recently launched their new live show and just finished touring with The Chainsmokers, Autograf, and Timeflies. With so much cool stuff happening in both camps it's only fitting they've come together to release this awesome new dance floor heater. Hit play and you'll instantly get hype to this fun tune full of bobbing stabs, piano, deep bass, vox chops, and an infectious chorus lead melody that's very much stuck in my head. You can stream this tune on Spotify here, and can also download it for free here.

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