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Milky Chance is sure taking the Indie world by storm lately and they really feel like they are about to blossom into the spotlight. You may think that this was a very clever metaphor, yes, you’re right. Milky Chance has just released their newest hit “Cocoon” and it is already catching fire. “Cocoon” can be seen as their track that can propel them to stardom as a caterpillar breaks free from their Cocoon to blossom into a breathtakingly beautiful butterfly. They are very musically talented and we know that Milky Chance can really rock harder than most, but we see them step outside their alternative niche and take Indie by storm with good ol’ acoustics and harmonies. They keep it simple with the rhythmic guitar chord and a simple drum step to reel us in. The guitar playing is plucked beautifully to accent the soul of the music. You can swoop his track HERE!