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Who's ready for the weekend?? Me ME MEE! Fridays are the best, so much good new music to dive into and the looming opportunity to sleep in! All this talk gets me excited, you know what else gets me excited? This brand new project Shy Luv, a new venture comprised of Sam Knowles (aka Karma Kid) and Jake Norman (Armeria) born from a vocal session they did together. Their new single "Joyrider" is a disco fueled, gold rimmed, instant classic of a tune with a juicy funk inspired bassline, dreamy synths, bells, afrobeat percussion and vocal duties provided by Sam himself. This track is a total groover of a record and as the name accurately describes is the perfect soundtrack for your joyride around town. They've developed a live show along with the new sounds and are poised to debut that with SG Lewis at Koko in London November 17th. You can download the single here and stream on Spotify here