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To say I am excited for this next premiere is an understatement. When I created BB I never expected it to eventually take off and become a "taste making" music blog, but here we are and it's 100% my labor of love. So when I find an artist like K?d, an artist who I believe is making some of the best new music out there, I tend to nerd out a bit and want to always be involved.  We've pretty much posted everything he's released, and I am always asking management if I can premiere tracks or do some sort of creative content - but his management is very mean to me and always say no (j/k)! Well, not this time! Today we finally get to premiere the next K?d remix of "Sad Machine" by Porter Robinson. Swoon! K?d smothers this hit track in his signature future flavor, with bright melodies and crisp glitchy beats, transporting us to a new world of sonic heaven. I love how K?d listens and produces in a totally original way, including the most intricate sounds and beats making each track he puts into the world a masterpiece. Solid! You guys can swoop this one as a free download HERE!