Erin MaherComment

Guys! If you even knew what the last 7 days were like for me, you would understand why I have been a bit quite! All the agents and managers are going to start taking off for the Holiday this Friday, so the hustle is on to get all things done before then. You're girl would like a wee vacation as well yo! I feel bad tho because I was supposed to get this new Pham track up days ago, and I said I would and I kinda failed. His super dreamy manager is also a homie - we like to dust bottles while sharing stories about being a talent buyer in this industry when together - and I told him I would post .... and I've been a bad friend! The other thing tho, is that Pham is bananas good, so I have also failed all of you by not getting this track up the day it dropped! This yung legend has been making big moves in 2016 - his sensual R&B feels mixed with future bass hip-hop sounds simply oozes from this new track "Talk To Me ft. Anuka." Them vocals are on point! Scorching! Sorry I'm so late on this one! You can swoop from iTunes HERE