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He's backkk! Thoreau has been throwin down some jams lately hitting hype machine #1 on two out of his three releases so far, and we're loving his new bootleg of Green Day's epic "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams." The tune is a journey to listen through, the first drop sweeps into a future bass  chorus with spikey layers of synths wobbling around. The track takes a turn after that and slows way down before diving into a halftime warped vocal bridge full of juicy characteristically Thoreau guitar. Harry is diving into remixing his favorite 2000's records in his "Thoreau-Backs" series : “The reason these tracks are so pivotal to me is because this is the exact music I grew up listening to. I got into music and began playing electric guitar at a very young age to try and emulate these rock stars that I looked up to. They represent the teenage angst we all felt, the heartbreaks we will never forget, and the passion we can’t always find in music these days.” Lots to love in this classic rework you can nab this as a free download here.

Disclosure: Thoreau is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh