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As we make our way through another week of fantastic music releases, we've been having to pick and choose what we put up on BB - there is just too much awesome content coming our way, and we are only two people trying to live the dream!  When I was handed this new Starfari remix of "Running" by Autograf - I knew this was something I could not pass up! Two reasons -- first, it's bananas good, and second, Starfari are one of the little guys - trying to be heard amongst a sea of thousands of tracks -- and that's the kind of artists that BB is built on! So, naturally this was a no brainer, because bringing you awesome new music is the end goal! This SoCal duo have put a much heavier indie dance sound to this electro pop track, it's brimming with deep house grooves and brought to a darker sexy vibe - we are so about this! Get to know Starfari and grab a free download HERE!