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It's quickly approaching! We're now only 6 days away from our Get Buzzzed Austin 2016 Showcase!! If you haven't RSVP'd yet what are you waiting for??

In anticipation for our epic little event we want you to get to know a few of our fantastic artists. Without further ado we present yet another chapter of...


Listen while your reading! Check out her brand new remix Alex Newell - This Aint Over (VenessaMichaels Remix)

Q1. How old were you when you first started making music? When did it become serious?

 Music was always a huge part of my life. My Mom  put me in piano lessons at 3 y/o, so I was introduced to playing music at a really young age.  Then when I was around 12 I picked up the guitar and started taking classical guitar lessons.  Soon after, I got my old macbook which had GarageBand on it.  I started chopping things up and making "remixes" and then a friend gifted me Logic.  Then things got more real for me.  I never put music down, it was always a hobby for me.  My Mom encouraged me to try DJing and I fell in love.  In between learning on records and spinning on turntables, I was also messing around with Ableton making beats and discovering my sound. I never stopped, and I never wanted to so it was always serious for me. 

Q2. Whether it’s a remix or an original, what is the first step you take when writing a track? 

 Honestly depends on the day!  Remixes are different than originals, because you have the stems and the a capella written for you.  So you just create around the pieces that are already put down for you.  For originals, it's a different story.  Sometimes I'll start with the chords, sometimes I'll start with a beat, or sometimes I'll literally just start with a hook.  Most of the time, I start with a progression and then write to it with an artist who is going to be featured on the track.  Collaborating is a big part of making music IMO.  I really believe music is a vibe thing, so being able to share that with someone else is really important in creating and bringing a song to life.   

Q3. What is one of the best moments you've had so far in your career?

 There's been a lot of incredible moments recently, but so far releasing the music has been really special to me. Being able to share it with the world and having different countries spread the music is wild.  The moments when people are actually listening to what you've created is a beautiful thing.  When I get snapchats and videos of fans and friends listening, dancing and smiling...that hits me the most.

Q4. What is another BUZZZworthy artist that inspires you and why?

The people that inspire me the most are my friends and creatives that I'm surrounded by.  One of my favorites is my good friend, Jonah Christian, he is an eye opening producer who makes beats in a crazy way more like J-Dilla styles.  Him and I have actually made a sample pack together where we just hit random things with all kinds of weird objects so the sounds are unique and special.  Here's one of his tunes:

Q5. Of all of your releases, which one is your favorite and why?

I have to go back in time a year and pick through the 2090 EP.  All of these are so close to my heart, because it really brought everything to life.  Working with Kiana and Tay and making these originals was some of the best times.  Out of these...I'm gonna have to say....this is really hard, but it's in between Touch Me ft. Kiana Lede and I Need That ft. Tay Jasper.  It depends on the mood, but if I wanna feel good and free and jam the f*ck out I'm gonna go with Touch Me.