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It's almost here!!! Our Get Buzzzed Austin 2016 Showcase starts tomorrow!! Hurry up and get on that RSVP train. Do you want to skip the line?? You can also VIP RSVP details here

In anticipation for this epic event we want you to get to know a few of our fantastic artists. Without further ado we present another chapter of...


Q1. How old were you when you first started making music? When did it become serious?

I was 14 when i started making music and Luke was 14 also. I started off producing UK Grime and Dubstep and Luke started off with Hip Hop, which is why our sound evolved into what it is today. Things got serious around the time Ball So Hard dropped, which was in 2012. From there we realised that we really enjoyed producing together and took it further.

Q2. Whether it’s a remix or an original, what is the first step you take when writing a track?

I don't really have a process when it comes to music. I just let it flow and let my creativity and inspiration do its thing. I don't believe in forcing music because it becomes very calculated and formulaic and loses its fluidity/realness. That said, once i know what i want to make i tend to start off with percussion or drums, because i have the most fun with those elements. 

Q3. What is one of the best moments you've had so far in your career?

Touring with Keys N Krates this year was definitely a highlight of our career so far. We've been long time admirers of their music, their talent and the way they conduct themselves so when they asked us to support them on their Midnite Mass bus tour it was an instant yes. It was an amazing tour and we got to play to alot of markets that we haven't been able to go to yet, and generate alot of new supporters. The KnK guys looked after us very well and we became a family on and off the bus. 

Q4. What is another BUZZZworthy artist that inspires you and why?

I'd have to say Mura Masa. I've been talking to Mura now for a while and watched his progression to become one of the most forward thinking and unique artists there is right now, and we have nothing but respect for him. One of my personal favs of his is Lotus Eater. Such an amazing track, check him out

Q5. Of all of your releases, which one is your favorite and why?

I am in love with one of our new tracks from our upcoming EP, but i'll remain tight lipped on that one for now ;) Uppers with Mr.Carmack would have to be our favourite release so far that is out at the moment. The reason i chose Uppers is because it hits so hard, and it goes off anywhere its played. Its really exciting and is a real 'screwface' track. Check it out