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I've had to get up hella early the past few mornings to .... well... work.  We're talking early - like 6am early! Some of you may be thinking - Erin WTF you work from a home office, why would you ever get up at 6am, by choice, to go to work?  The answer is easy, I am obsessed with my work, and this industry is not a 9-5 thing mmmmk! Besides, the earlier I start, the more awesome music I can bring to your earholes! This morning however, I am feeling all sorts of grimy and I need them low-end feels all around me right about now - cos I've already been awake for hours and you need to get that bass fix at least once throughout your morning routine! Now, we've been talking about Joyryde for a minute, and just a few days ago he dropped this latest SWURVE remix of "4 Real" by Destructo.  Hold on to your hats cos this one is fucking fire! You can grab a free download HERE