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I spend all day on my computer chatting with all the managers, agents, artists and people in this industry making moves and creating the next generation of stars.  It's actually pretty thrilling to be a part of it all, watching all of us youngsters shape the future of music. So when I get a message from one of my favorite manager of artists and label owner with a conversation that goes as follows - it makes my long days in front of a computer all worth it. He mentions two gentlemen who be both work with take care of Chicago producer Wheathin, and sends through this new remix of "Falling" by Opia.  Then he asks me if they have ever hit me up about Wheathin, and I reply that I know about this talented young legend, but that they have never actually hit me up, and he proceeded to call them idiots! Haha! He then tells me Wheathin is the future!  We're all friends so the name calling is totally acceptable, but I kind of think he has a point about this young producer just coming into the world. I kind of feel like he's magical .... but I can let you guys decide on your own! Grab this track as a free download HERE