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We have come to the end of our week long feature with 1DAFUL, and today we give you the last track from the Happy B:Dave EP. The Canadian duo link up with young house producer MIke Robia on "GASUP" and deliver a track that has a different sound than what we are used to from 1DAFUL. With all the broad funky grooves and pulsating beats, the deep house flavor switches up their swag, but keeps that fire! You have 24 hours to grab this download HERE!  

Tuesday was David A's b-day, and like any family we're going to celebrate in a special way to show how much we love and appreciate this legend! From May 17 to May 20 we will be releasing a new 1DAFUL song a day for 24 hours, and after that 24 hours they will disappear, and a new one will take it's place! These new songs may or may not resurface sometime in the future, but at least for now .... over the next four days you'll be able to collect each track of the Happy B:Dave EP as a free download! From all of us at Beautiful Buzzz, APEX Management, and your better 1/2 TB1 .... Happy B-day Dave!