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SummitScape has made a name fore themselves putting together some slick remixes for the likes of Galantis, The Killers and a Betty Who remix we previously featured. Well now they've returned with a sick, bassy remix of one of our favorite rising artists right now Stephen. "Crossfire" is a catharsis of emotion and SummitScape's remix is totally on point. The record starts appropriately mellow eventually building into a bright drop with an expressive blaring synth line that's tight af. Unfortunately we just heard some bad news that the SummitScape boys are splitting up citing an all too well known reason: artistic differences. At BB we've seen our fair share of duos head their separate ways and we always want to wish them the best of luck! Writing music together can be a challenging ordeal and sometimes pursuing other avenues is the best option. We've been informed that Harry has already chosen to re-brand as Thoreau. and has done so with SummitScape's former soundcloud page. We'll be looking out for the new Thoreau. music as it hits our inbox, but until then enjoy SummitScape's last release!

Disclosure: Thoreau is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh