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I have this habit of totally falling for Swedes - they seem to be everywhere in my life over the past decade and some of the best friends I have ever made live in that beautiful country. When I started hearing tracks from this Swedish producer a few years back, my first thought was how was it possible a Swede was producing such great disco - I thought it was all about the metal! Not for my sweet friend Tobtok ... he feels that 4 on the floor disco vibe hard and has continued to crush all the music he puts into the world. Last month Tobtok and I finally met in person and well ... we had a wild night of dancing and laughing ... safe to say we are bonded BFF's for life now. So, today's premiere is extra special - and totally delicious! Tobtok delivers a smooth disco house remix of "Coming Back ft. Javi" by PJU that is bright and bouncy dance floor fire. Once again ... crushing! Get into this one kids!