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I feel like we don't have enough Scottish producers in our lives ... I mean for real, they definitely bring more fun to the party, and even tho they speak English you never understand them and just nod in agreement. The week I spent in Scotland was where I actually had thebiggest language barrier through all my travels ... and I lived in Prague y'all! Haha! But for real, I want more Watgood in my life! We first spotted this bae last year when he put his spin on "Faded" by ZHU - and after a number of releases via Buygore, etc. we have developed a fangirl crush on Watgood .... but he's been rather quiet lately. Not any more - this week we see him releasing 2 new tracks, one being "Pelican" via Good Enuff that I am loving! This one has huge bass to throw your trap arms with mixed in with more future beats feels any girl could ask for! Swoon! You can grab a free download HERE!