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I am feeling quite chipper today - and not because I have some awesome BBQ plans for the 4th Of July holiday. It's more like a overall positive feeling about life, and how I finally feel like all my years of hard backbreaking work are finally paying off! That's why I picked this track to put up on BB today - because everyone has to start somewhere, and Severo is just getting to it. This Swedish producer is only 15 ... holy mac! I mean when I was 15 all I cared about were boys and well ... boys! Severo is someone I can see evolving into greatness - his remix of "Smoke Filled Room" buy Mako shows maturity and depth ... I get all kinds of feels with this one! Severo also means Severe in Spanish - fun fact of the day! Let's welcome yung Severo to his first BB post, his first track on HypeM, and hopefully many more to come! Grab a free download HERE