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If you cruise up to Santa Barbara, take in the beautiful scenery and dive into the thriving music scene there, you're likely to hear about Myles better known by his stage name Choice. The singer, producer and DJ has put together a breakout string of singles amassing over 1.5 million streams across soundcloud and youtube, and he's just getting warmed up. Landing features with the delicious Tasty Treat for "Simple Things" and a release on esteemed collective Hegemon for "A King's Reserve," today I'm bringing his latest "The Sweet Spot" to your ears. The name really hits the nail on the head for this one. The track is full of sweet, melodic and bassy goodness. The beginning is ambient with deep anticipation as the verse begins and takes us up into the vocal chop filled chorus with a stabbing synth line, flowery saw synth blasts and melodic arps. The beat hits a slower four four about 2 minutes in making this track dance floor ready. Our sugar intake is on maximum with this cut, Choice really does hit "The Sweet Spot." Out on the Echelon collective you can nab this as a free download here