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I think I might have a thing for Canadian guys with glasses - because I happen to think Vincent is the cutest thing ever, like .... cuter than puppies. Better not let Robokid read this because he's my ride-or-die with the cuteness usually - he'll get jelly. Maybe it's the Canadian thing - I have the best homies up north who I love to the moon and back so I have to assume Vincent is probably a super cool person too. Whatever it is ... I'm swooning. Once you mix in the music he makes, OMG I'm such a girl! This week Vincent put out this clutch flip of "Gangsta" by Kehlani that is packed full of all the future bass vibes - it's got me feeling some type of way! You can swoop a free download HERE! He has a few tour dates coming up with Andrew Luce, and once again he'll be playing in my city on the same night I have a BB show - so no hangs for me, but hey you guys can get at him so check them dates HERE