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Lemaitre is just one of those level to the extreme! I haven't had the opportunity to see their awesome live set yet, but I've seen the videos and it's very much on my to do list (check out this video). Every single one of their releases is just absolutely mind blowing, check out the smash singles "Closer," their funky collab with our faves The Knocks in "We Got U," and the hard hitting "Stepping Stone," featuring another one of our loves Mark Johns. Musically complex, well produced, soulful, emotional, impactful...I could use soo many more descriptions, but I'll just let the music do the talking. "Playing To Lose" starts quick with Stanaj's superbly soulful vocals leading the way behind layers of luscious synths. The incredibly infectious chorus hits making me bob and weave around my desk right now. Stanaj's performance is absolutely impeccable, the falsetto's, solos and everything just hits with all sorts of feels. The track just continues to climb peak after peak, and by the end you're left absolutely breathless. Take a second and soak this one in my friends. You can purchase on iTunes here and stream on Spotify here