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Californ-i-a you are just a sexy beast. You could take a poll of the most heaven-like places in the world and I guarantee California would be top of the list. Maybe I'm a little biased, but my 8 years on the West Coast have been the best of my life. The soul sultan Jahkoy has created his smooth ode to the Golden State and it's a damn near perfect R&B representation of the all of the Cali vibes. The track starts with a beachy reggae guitar riff that quickly makes way for booming sub and those classic hip hop hats and snares. Jahkoy's angelic vocals perfectly fit the heavenly lyricism floating us along into a fantastic verse from Schoolboy Q. I love the nod to LA's weekday party schedule, which is definitely a thing, and the layers of harmonies surrounding Jahkoy's soloing precision. What a cut that's totally keeping the summer Cali vibes alive! Don't ya wanna move to the westside? You can get "California Heaven" on digital retailers here