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Some of the best tracks pull you in and take you for a ride, “Off For The Night” is no exception and conjures a long walk through the streets of Brooklyn at night contemplating how to get your shit together, with a precipitous series of revelations crashing over you as the journey progresses. NY Producer duo MEMBA and Auckland, New Zealand transplants No Wyld masterfully blend genres to deliver a measured, but brooding, original that channels feelings of frustration we all feel at one point or another. The track’s lyrics insinuate a need for escape, a common theme in music but one that when done right strikes a chord in anyone listening. Both of these groups of artists have great things on the horizons, make sure to check out more of MEMBA’s music here, as well as No Wyld's here.


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My BB boys are back! Lost Kings have been serenading me with their sweet jams for a few years now - and they always seem to surprise me with their ability to dabble in multiple pop genre sounds. Are they EDM, are they dance pop, are they big room, are they future pop .... the answer is all of the above.  Lost Kings don't like to limit their creative sounds, giving them licence to produce a wide range of dance music gems that we always swoon over. Their latest track "Look At Us Now ft. Ally Brooke & A$AP Ferg" combine mellow rhythmic vibes with soulful vocals from Ally Brooke and hip-hop swag from A$AP Ferg that got me feeling some kind of way! It's perfect for your Sunday hangs ... get into this one!  


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Brooklyn's T4PES & Nick AM team up to retune A Tribe Called Quest's, "Electric Relaxation", giving the classic track a  upbeat, dance- floor-ready vibe. The two producers ratchet up the tempo and drop in a driving, heavy bass line that gives the song more spring in its step, bringing to mind early Kayranada remixes of Mos Def and Common. Make sure to snag a download of the track HERE! Swing by T4PES & Nick AM's soundclouds for more of their music. 


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Let us introduce you to one of LA's up-and-coming Hip-hop stud Tate Tucker with his newest jam "Just Wanna." The track strikes a slick balance between being smooth as hell, while somehow remaining hype. Tate's feel good verses, falsettos and croons should put a smirk on your face, while the back beat has a certain innocence to it with the bells and active percussion. Tate also just released a dope video for the tune that shows off his inner Hugh Hefner. Sportin' circle glasses and a robe, Tucker's making the rap game seem easy and that's readily apparent when you hit play. This track is a single coming from his "All In" EP due in November. However, you can nab this single as a free download here

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I'm keeping the new artist streak I have going on today alive with this ridiculously smooth debut from DeCarlo. The Brazilian born singer will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up with the way he expertly blends falsetto highs, meandering vocal solos and sexy lyrcism. The back beat of this R&B ballad produced by KRS keeps it relatively simple which lets DeCarlo take point and lead the way. The guitar solo at the end is just the icing on this LIT cake. Grab your bae and snuggle up to this banger of a slow jam. You can grab this as a free download here

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Stööki Sound rocked our Get Buzzzed SXSW showcase last March with their signature heavy beats. I was soo completely amped after the show I had to go backstage and take a pickle back shot with Erin lol good times! Fast forward six months Stööki is back with an eclectic, but hype trap tune that crushes with deep intensity. According to DJ Lukey and Jelacee, “Endz is the first single off of our Ösiris EP. It’s a brooding instrumental, that captures the dark and tense atmosphere of the area of London in which we grew up. Endz will take you on a musical journey through the streets of London.” The single also marks the launch of their Ö.N.E Worldwide label and the kickoff of their Fall North American Tour. You can grab tour deets at the Stööki Sound Facbook page, and you can download and stream the single here.  


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Californ-i-a you are just a sexy beast. You could take a poll of the most heaven-like places in the world and I guarantee California would be top of the list. Maybe I'm a little biased, but my 8 years on the West Coast have been the best of my life. The soul sultan Jahkoy has created his smooth ode to the Golden State and it's a damn near perfect R&B representation of the all of the Cali vibes. The track starts with a beachy reggae guitar riff that quickly makes way for booming sub and those classic hip hop hats and snares. Jahkoy's angelic vocals perfectly fit the heavenly lyricism floating us along into a fantastic verse from Schoolboy Q. I love the nod to LA's weekday party schedule, which is definitely a thing, and the layers of harmonies surrounding Jahkoy's soloing precision. What a cut that's totally keeping the summer Cali vibes alive! Don't ya wanna move to the westside? You can get "California Heaven" on digital retailers here