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We all have to take the good with the bad in life, and sometimes it can be rather challenging. Personally - my career is taking off! I have an amazing job that I love where I get to put together lineups for club nights, electronic music events and festivals - kinda kick ass.  Also, this here blog is growing a such a fast rate I legit can't keep up! It's all good, but then holy mac it drives me crazy! Some days I am pulled in so many directions that if I don't shut everything down and take a breath I'll go psycho! Good with the bad.... Denny White is feeling me however, and if you were to ask me what's good riiiight now - I'd say this track! "Psycho" is electro pop perfection - his vocals are so soulful and dreamy I'm swooning. He just get's me. If you're feeling a bit psycho today then this one should be the perfect thing to soothe your soul!